Tree Trimming

Why use a professional to trim your trees?

Using a professional St Augustine tree trimming service helps prevent the tree from being damaged during trimming.  They know what to cut and can recognize bad structure and dead wood during the dormant season. They have the equipment to handle large trees and limbs. Our crew is adept at spikeless climbing to trim your trees. Tree trimming can be very dangerous – the professionals know how to do this safely!

Benefits of Trimming Trees

Pruning helps control the size of the tree.

• It keeps the tree within bounds of things like buildings, plants and other trees.

• Careful and selective limb pruning can help maintain the size, shape and structural integrity of your trees.

Trimming can improve the health of a tree.

• Dead or damaged branches affect the health of a tree and weaken it.

• Dead wooding allows the tree to put the energy and growth where it's needed.

• Dead branches can cause decay of the trunk of a tree - pruning these limbs can prevent the spread of the decay.

Pruning can help to shape the tree.

• Sometimes there is a desired form or shape, such as in topiary.

• Some trees and shrubs can be grown against walls (espalier) or on a trellis - plants in this area that will espalier fairly easily include yaupon holly, magnolia, pyracantha, loquat and sea grape.

Pruning helps with the structural strength of the tree.

• It promotes good branch structure.

• Helps to prevent limbs falling.

• Having a tree with good structural integrity reduces the likelihood of damage during severe weather, such as hurricanes.

• We offer crane service to help with the trimming of very large trees.

Trimming enhances the curb appeal for your home.

• A well kept lawn and beautifully trimmed trees always help to maintain the value of your home or property.

• Sometimes just enhancing a beautiful view is all it takes to make your yard go from just all right to fabulous!


How Often and When Can Trees Be Trimmed?

A light pruning can be done anytime on almost any tree.

For Oaks and large shade trees

• Best pruned during dormant season or just after a growth flush

• Should not be pruned when coming out or going into dormancy

• In general, about once every three years to maintain their health

For Evergreens

• Can be pruned almost anytime

For Palm Trees

• Only the dead or broken leaves should be trimmed from palms

• The flower and fruit stalks can also be removed

• Trimming of palm trees is done when the number of dead leaves warrants it, and is not based on a season or schedule

We Trim Palm Trees.

We are able to trim off the dead and broken leaves of palms

We have bucket trucks and other equipment to handle the palms that are tall.
Our crew is also adept at spikeless climbing.