Dead Tree Removal

Removing dead or dying trees has many advantages.

Dying trees attract flies and pests, so you need to remove them. Call us and we will provide quick and clean St Augustine tree services. Removal of these helps to lessen the spread of possible infestations and helps to prevent the spread of tree diseases. Dead and dying trees also look unattractive. Let us help you bring your property back to a gorgeous state! Dead and dying trees can present a hazard – to your home, your landscaping, and to people. The safety of your property and your loved ones is important.

Invasive Species Tree Removal

Non-native invasive trees and plants are considered harmful to natural areas.

If you are concerned about sustainable ecology and natural habitats, you might consider removing any non-Florida native invasive trees. For more information on Florida invasive species, you can visit the Florida Native Plant Society or the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council.


Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

We can do both types of stump work.

Often when dead or dying trees have been cut down, the tree stump is all that remains. Stump grinding is one of the processes used to remove the part of the tree that still ticks up from the ground.

Stump removal means not only getting rid of the stump, but also removing as much of the root system as possible.